Xbox 360's HD DVD drive has over a third of the US HD DVD player market


360_hd_dvd-third-sales.jpgUh-oh! Time for another update on the relative successes and/or failures of the new HD movie formats – this time as seen through the eyes of impartial American stat-compiler NPD.

According to the HD DVD consortium, 750,000 HD DVD players have been sold in America – and the cheap old Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on has been responsible for 269,000 of those sales says NPD.

Microsoft and the rest of the HD DVD consortium will be pleased to hear that this isn’t just a third – it’s JUST OVER A THIRD! Expect that phrase to to be appearing in an HD DVD press release in the next few days, as the ever more desperate HD camps try to convince punters that there is a reason to bother upgrading our trusty old DVD players.


For more news about who’s winning the HD format war today, then the subsequent press release from the losing side the next day about how they’re actually in the lead now, check out Shiny Media’s HDTV blog at

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One thought on “Xbox 360's HD DVD drive has over a third of the US HD DVD player market

  • Why isn’t anyone saying that 95% of Bluray players are PS3’s? That leaves 5% of stand alone players to be split up between 4 or 5 manufactures. As for HD DVD 77% of the players are stand alone players.Studios are looking at how many SAL are out there, not game machines that will do both movies & games. People who are buying the addon for the 360 is going to use it to play movies on. People who buy a PS3 will not necessary use it to play movies.

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