Xbox 360 officially gets DivX and Xvid support next week


xbox-360-dashboard-update.jpgMicrosoft’s latest dashboard update for Xbox 360 adds the Holy Grail of file-sharers – proper DivX and Xvid compatibility, thanks to MS adding support for the full MPEG-4 spec.

This should turn Xbox 360 into the finest streaming media player imaginable, without the need for the current awkward Media Center/Zune/encoding solutions currently required to stream stuff to Xbox 360.

Elsewhere in the update comes the chance to change the Windows Live ID you have associated with your Gamertag – and the option to reset parental control settings if you’ve turned 18 since signing up – plus a new layout for the Game and Video sections, an RSS-styled “Inside Microsoft” tab that links to the latest news and videos, plus the Friends of Friends feature revealed last week.

Microsoft’s also revealed Xbox Live Arcade Hits – a selection of older XBLA games that have been reduced to 800 and 400 points. The huge new update arrives next Tuesday December 4.


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Gary Cutlack
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  • Yep what.s good for the goose is good for the gander. Great idea.
    Notice that the Chinese know how to do a stimulus package, while no one in power seems to know how to do a stimulus package here in the US.
    Thanks for sharing. His music will continue to rock!

  • “Let’s get the biggest news out of the way for the videophiles: Xbox 360 now supports MPEG-4, which means the box plays both DivX and XviD files without a hitch. 1UP tested almost every variation of the format possible, including high-definition content as high as 1080P. All the files ran flawlessly, though Microsoft told us there’s no guarantee all formats will be compatible — but we imagine most will.”

    Sounds like it definitely will run Xvid!!

  • BLAST999 ,
    4 december whill the update be avaible ,
    why you react like that ?
    Its all treu so leave suicide behind 🙂

  • It’s a fact I’m afraid to say.

    I’ll let you off the suicide thing, though. Wouldn’t be able to enjoy the weekend with that on my conscience…

    Is 1UP a good enough source?

  • This is crap!
    Microsfot haven’t even got out with it yet!
    If you can give me 1 TRUE source of this I’ll take suicide!
    I swear…

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