Xbox Live going all Facebook with 'Friends of Friends' social networking toy


xbox-live-friends-social-network.jpgNext week’s Xbox 360 dashboard update – due on December 4 – is going to bring some basic social networking features to the incredibly popular online gaming service.

Basically, you’ll be able to browse the Friends lists of your Friends – which is a terrifying prospect if you’ve constructed a complex web of lies around who all these people are on your Friends list and exactly how you came to be friends with SexyJane17 in the first place.

If you’re too horrified by the prospect of letting all the random weirdos, angry Americans and depressingly racist people out there on Xbox Live see your Friends it’s OK – Microsoft’s reassuring everyone that it’ll be possible to block the feature if you’re not up for some group action.

There will be three options available on the FoF screen – Everyone, meaning all users can browse your Friends list, Friends Only so only your Friends can browse your online mates, and Blocked to stop all this interactive nonsense altogether.


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