Stay on the bleeding edge of fashion with Nike and KDDi Communications' blood-red shoes

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nike-shoes-2.jpgA product is never just a single product these days, with convergence being more popular than this year than touch-screens, believe it or not. Just look at how many applications and features the most popular touch-screen product of all time is…

Nike is making leaps and bounds in the tech-convergence field, with their Nike + iPod shoes, and now their collaboration with Japan’s KDDi Communications (you know, the people doing the intra-body communication work).

The blood-red coloured shoes don’t actually do anything, mind, except for protect your tootsies from the harsh outside elements (and protect others from the harsh inside smells, natch). Simply designed to resemble the KDDi Infobar 2 mobile handset (which Stuart saw in Tokyo recently), this collaboration marks the possibility of further exciting projects between the two technology-forward companies.

Pick them up Japan-side in December for $155.

(via Oh Gizmo)

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