Mio planning 3G GPS phone for 2008


mio-gps.jpgGPS is the final piece of the mobile phone world domination plan. Mobiles can play music now. They can play films. They can do the internet. All we need now are decent, free GPS features and every other gadget can get the hell out of our pockets and onto eBay.

GPS specialist Mio’s 3G GPS phone plans are a response to the mass arrival of the new wave of super-spec GPS phones from the likes of HTC and Nokia.

Mio clearly isn’t going to just SIT THERE and let a bunch of jumped-up phone companies steal all its precious GPS market share, hence the announcement of a planned 3G GPS PDA-style phone for the second half of 2008.

Mio’s GPS phone will come with fancy new photo navigation, live traffic update powers and the location-based service so local pizza companies can update you on their deals of the day regarding free Coke and garlic bread.

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Gary Cutlack
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