Chuck Norris' PDA – the Getac PS535F


Do you work in a field where you need rugged equipment? Perhaps you’re a field engineer, a geologist, or maybe even a stuntman? Well, then the Getac PS535F is right up your alley. It’s a super-rugged PDA for use in tough environments.

It comes equipped with a GPS, 3.5″ VGA touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera, altimeter, electronic compass and Windows Mobile 6.1. There’s no modem, annoyingly, but it does have Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. There’s 2GB of onboard memory.

The device weighs 300g, has battery for 8 hours and in keeping with its rugged design, it’s resistant to drops, water, dust and extreme temperatures. I’ve got an email in to Getac asking how much it’ll cost and when it’ll be available, so I’ll update this post when I know more.

CES 2009: Palm shows off rumoured touchscreen device – the Palm Pre


The rumours were true. Palm’s got a brand new device to go with its spangly new Nova operating system. All we knew previously was that it had a portrait touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but now there’s a bit more info to go with it.

That touchscreen measures 3.1″ diagonally, at 480×320 resolution. The slide-out keyboard doesn’t come straight out – it sorta curves. There’s oodles of connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and EVDO. There’s a removable battery, microUSB connector, support for USB mass storage and – YAY! – a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It’s running the new Nova OS, but more about that in another post. It’ll be available in the “first half” of 2009. In the meantime, for more CES coverage, click here.

(via Gizmodo’s liveblog)

O2 launches new Xda 'Zest' on PAYG


O2 has just announced the launch of the Asus-built Xda ‘Zest’ – the first Xda model to be available on Pay as you Go. If you think that means it’s going to be a bit ‘budget’, then think again – it’s remarkably well featured.

At the core of the device is a 2.8″ touchscreen, and it runs Windows Mobile 6.1. It’s got Wi-Fi, HSDPA, a 3-megapixel camera and an FM radio. It’s even got GPS – a function that’s rather rare on PAYG handsets.

The Xda Zest will be available in O2 shops and online from the 17th November. It’ll cost £250 on the aforementioned PAYG, but there’s also 12 and 18 month contracts for those wanting to pay less up front.


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Maplin intros virtual laser keyboard, type on any flat surface


Maplin has announced the availability of its Bluetooth Laser Key Projection Keyboard, a gadget that will project a keyboard onto any flat, non-reflective surface and allow you to type. It works by optically tracking finger movements, and incorporates both keyboard and mouse functions.

Maplin claims that it’s comfortable to use, and reduces the wrist strain associated with using a standard keyboard. The keys are also projected larger, which is supposed to assist faster, more accurate typing.