HTC adds another model to their Touch family, the Touch Cruise with GPS

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htc-touch-cruise.jpgI’m a firm advocate of the HTC Touch family, having been an obsessive user of the first-gen model since it launched in June, and been salivating over the new Touch Dual we saw back in October. Heck, even the purple Ted Baker-branded Touch from the other week has got me dreaming of the day my mobile contract expires.

Sadly it doesn’t look like my obsessive thoughts about the Touch are going to be disappearing any time soon, as they’ve just announced the new Touch Cruise (or Polaris, if you’ve been following the rumours previously). It’ll be the first Touch mobile from the smartphone company to use integrated GPS and TomTom mapping, plus with HSDPA internet connectivity, you’ll never be stuck for things to do whilst waiting for the bus.

Available this month.

HTC Touch Cruise (via Shiny Shiny)

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