The Nike Amp+ Sport Remote is some sort of watch


nike-amp.jpgThe Nike Amp+ is more than just a ludicrously styled watch – it also has Nike+ functionality, so, if you’re a bit on the Nathan Barley side, you can plug your iPod Nano into your trainers, then have all the data relayed to your watch. Then upload it all to the internet. Kids these days.

And, having just done a bit more research into the whole thing, it would appear those dots are actually showing music player and training feedback, not the time. If you press a button it will show the time properly, using proper numbers, which is a huge relief for watch puritans.

Plus, in the oddest feature news we’re heard of in months, the Amp+ has a “power song” access button that lets you select a favourite song when you need “quick motivation.” That’ll be The Ace of Spades then. Always good to listen to when trying to run away from a group of youths who want to steal your watch, trainers and iPod.


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One thought on “The Nike Amp+ Sport Remote is some sort of watch

  • I have to take issue with the Nathan Barley reference. The Nike+ system is a genuine stroke of techno genius, adding a whole new dimension to keeping fit. I always take mine when I go out running, and I give it full credit for helping me lose weight, increase speed, and most importantly, stay motivated.

    If you’ve already got an iPod, it’s the best £20 you can spend on it. If you haven’t already got an iPod, it’s still worth every penny of the £120 you’d be spending.

    Not sure I ever needed a watch attachment, though: having used it for over a year now, I’ve got used to running with my iPod in my hand, running the headphone cable down the sleeve of my t-shirt to avoid cable waggle. And a cheap silicone sleeve keeps the sweat off.

    PS: You don’t need official Nike+ shoes. I recommend elastic triathlon-style shoelaces, and an inch of velcro.

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