NikePlus runners clock up 22 million miles


nike-plus-22-million.jpgThe frankly ridiculous idea of letting your iPod talk to your trainers and then posting all the data online seems to have taken off, with users of the NikePlus service recording a total of 22 million miles running distance so far.

That’s the equivalent of running from London to Bristol.

The NikePlus site itself is adding new features for runners this season, top of which is the ‘virtual marathon’ – that will let runners compete agianst each other, wherever they are in the world, with times uploaded via iTunes to one great big marathon event.

New Distance Clubs will give users some sort of bragging rights for clocking up extreme numbers of miles, with forums, user polls and more adding to the global, running, Nike-endorsing community.

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  • I know it sometimes seems a long way from London to Bristol in those M4 traffic jams but I didn’t realise it was 22 million miles!

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