PS3 and Xbox 360 have "near identical" UK sales figures for 2007


ps3-xbox-360-uk-sales.jpgSorry fanboys, here’s one statistic that can be trumpeted both ways. According to games trade mag MCV, sales of PS3 and Xbox 360 are neck-and-neck for 2007, contrary to many people’s expectations.

Sony fanboy perspective: this is despite PS3 only going on sale towards the end of March, so Xbox 360 has had 12 more weeks on sale and STILL hasn’t ground Sony’s console into retail dust.

Microsoft fanboy perspective: 55% of PS3’s sales came within the first four weeks of it going on sale, meaning that since the end of April, Xbox 360 has been consistently outselling PS3 every week.

At least it means the pre-Christmas period should be interesting for all concerned.

(via MCV)

Stuart Dredge
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