CES 2008 Roundup: Tuesday

CES 2008


It’s the end of Day Two proper at CES, and Team Shiny has fanned out across the various halls to ferret out the most important products (and a fair few fun ones too). The pick of today’s posts follow, with all the others after the jump. Right, we’re off for some indie-dancing at the Mirage’s Revolution bar, if anyone fancies it…

CES 2008: Sony’s OLED 3mm thin televisions
CES 2008: Panasonic’s two world’s largest Plasmas, side by side
CES 2008: The 25 coolest cars at CES
CES 2008: Samsung’s 3D-ready Plasma television
CES 2008: Hands on with the Sony Rolly dancing music player
CES 2008: Motorola Z10 to get you ‘content creating’
CES 2008: Samsung launches a slew of digital cameras – here’s a quick roundup
CES 2008: New DivX and Sony Pictures Television agreement could see Walker, Texas Ranger heading to PS3 and Xbox 360

CES 2008: Video of Bill Gates geekdancing at Rock-eoke. Or is it…
CES 2008: All your singing Mr Clock Radio robots are belong to us
CES 2008: Samsung’s giant French Door fridge – a breakthrough in late-night snacking technology
CES 2008: Punch with some proper Wii boxing gloves

CES 2008: The Philips Streamium, now with internet radio
CES 2008: Dell debuts monster 30” WQXGA display with DisplayPort
CES 2008: Trust makes tiny Bluetooth 2.0 USB adapter
CES 2008: Samsung unveils more Bluetooth-enabled Home Theatre goodies
CES 2008: Logisys shows off ace neon PC mod
CES 2008: Panasonic Link to Cell
CES 2008: Lachiya’s touchable piggy iPod dock wins our hearts
CES 2008: Samsung Infolink television with USA today RSS feeds on screen
CES 2008: DOSS Wireless iPod Speakers
CES 2008: Toshiba’s thin bezel on Cinema series gets the hands-test
CES 2008: Samsung YA-BS900 Hyper 3-Channel Bluetooth speaker system
CES 2008: The ugliest Bluetooth headset ever, now with noise cancelling technology
CES 2008: Jwin/iLuv shows just what to do with those blasted digital photo frames
CES 2008: 10-in1 Wii sports family pack
CES 2008: Toshiba’s arty ‘world’s highest capacity 2.5″ external hard drive’, the 320GB-er
CES 2008: IceRage reveals its pair of “magnificent” mice
CES 2008: Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX USB with 7″ Mini-Me monitor
CES 2008: Designer Sleeves shows classy laptop sleeves
CES 2008: Jwin/iLuv’s JP-141 Starbucks digital photo frame keyrings

CES 2008: Huge thanks to the following companies…

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