CES 2008: Panasonic Link to Cell

CES 2008, Mobile phones

Panasonic Link to Cell is one of those ‘I can’t believe nobody’s done this before’ products, leading me to think someone probably has done it before. The $99 gadget will redirect calls to a cellphone through to its landline phone, meaning you no longer need to keep your mobile in your pocket when you’re at home. This is probably most useful if you live in an area with bad network coverage in certain parts of your house, or if (like my entire family) you never seem to hear your mobile when you’re at home.

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  • Are sure that is new? I think I read about a device like that some years ago.

  • I have a Panasonic phone at home. The problem is that after a year its battery won’t charge anymore and I can’t make or receive a phone call.

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