CES 2008: Samsung launches a slew of digital cameras – here's a quick roundup


Along with hundreds of high def tellies, it’s traditional for electronics manufacturers to flood their CES stands with digital cameras in all shapes and sizes. Some of them may not have the most wild and quirky set of features, but these are the cameras you’ll actually be buying next year when Currys works out that no-one’s stupid enough to buy consumer electronics before Xmas and has to flog ‘em off cheap in the new year. Here’s the run down:

Samsung i8
The latest in the multifaceted PMP range of Samsung cameras, the i8 offers MP3, WAV and video files as well as the more normal act of taking photos. It takes 8 megapixel shots and measures in at 3.5” x 2.3” x 0.8”. Compared to its CES award winning predecessor, the i85, the design is a lot less angular than before, although I can’t quite decide if that’s really been a good thing.

S760 and S860
The ubiquitous entry level models arrive in the form of the S760 and S860. These offer 7.2 ans 8.1 megapixels respectively, with 3x optical zoom, digital image stabilising, and new Face Detection functions. The latest Portait mode automatically detects the user’s face, adjusts focus and exposure, and will only allow a photo to be taken if the subject is centred in the frame. Each model is powered by 2x AA batteries and are probably going to retail for around £100.

PMP Ready NV4
Another camera packing MP3 and video playback support, the NV4 is an 8 megapixel slim stainless device. Specs-eise it’s pretty similar to the i8 but looks a lot less like a bar of soap. Dimensions are 3.7” x 2.2” x 0.7” and it has a 2.5” display along with the World Tour Guide function that provides travel information covering 4,500 regions in 30 countries. Who really needs a books anyway?

Prices looks set for around £150

NV30 and NV40
Two new additions to the NV series, which are aimed at slightly more advanced digital photographers. They shoot 8.1 and 10 megapixel shots respectively and sport 3x optical zoom, Schneider lenses. The cameras also stand out form more basic models by utilising Samsung’s highest performing imaging sensor, the latest version of DRIM Engine. This update has improved shutter lag, shot-to-shot time and processing speed.

One other feature of note is that the NV30s and NV40s offer dual image stabilising technology which combines the best of both optical and digital image stabilising techniques. Ideal for when you’ve got a particular vigorous hangover. Prices appear to be ranging from £150 to about £200.

L210, L110 and L100
Three new models are fleshing out the L-series of digital cameras. These are aimed at basic point-and-shooters with a bit of cash to play with and who want something a little bit compact and stylish. The L210 is a 10 megpixel model and the other two weigh in at 8.1 megapixels. Like the new NVs these have the same Dual Image Stabilisation system as well as the Face Detection and automatic brightening of the 2.5 LCD depending on lighting conditions. Expect these to go on sale for something in the region of £100 – £200.


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