CES 2008: Samsung launches a slew of digital cameras – here's a quick roundup

Along with hundreds of high def tellies, it’s traditional for electronics manufacturers to flood their CES stands with digital cameras in all shapes and sizes. Some of them may not have the most wild and quirky set of features, but these are the cameras you’ll actually be buying next year when Currys works out that no-one’s stupid enough to buy consumer electronics before Xmas and has to flog ‘em off cheap in the new year. Here’s the run down:

Samsung i8
The latest in the multifaceted PMP range of Samsung cameras, the i8 offers MP3, WAV and video files as well as the more normal act of taking photos. It takes 8 megapixel shots and measures in at 3.5” x 2.3” x 0.8”. Compared to its CES award winning predecessor, the i85, the design is a lot less angular than before, although I can’t quite decide if that’s really been a good thing.