CES 2008: New DivX and Sony Pictures Television agreement could see Walker, Texas Ranger heading to PS3 and Xbox 360


DivX and Sony Pictures Inc have announced a new agreement that will enable online distribution of Sony Pictures content to DivX certified devices.

“Consumers want the flexibility and choice to enjoy high-quality video content from a range of retailers across a variety of devices. “We are very pleased Sony Pictures Television recognizes the value of the DivX digital media solution and look forward to working together to offer a great experience to consumers,” said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX inc.

No specific names are mentioned, but I can think of two very high profile DivX devices that sound ideal for this content: the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. That only begs the question of what exactly Sony Pictures has to offer. Well, you can see the whole list of Sony Pictures TV shows on its website here.

Most of it I don’t recognise and confidently expect to suck utterly, but, hello… what’s this? Walker – bloody – Texas Ranger! Let’s get that on the consoles right now.


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  • Sony Pictures Television Inc has the right to all of Sony Enterntainment movie titles including the big hits, not just TV show. Although I expect the list of releases to be built up overtime the agreement is viable for premium content movies downloads as well.

  • @Keith,

    Very good point, although that makes little difference to the performance of the 360 relative to the PS3 (actually when I tested both out, the Xbox 360 played more files). I wonder if this announcement might have something to do with why Sony pushed for full blown certification.

  • The Xbox 360 isn’t a DivX-certified player. Out of the two consoles, only the PS3 has been certified by DivX.

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