CES 2008: The ugliest Bluetooth headset ever, now with noise cancelling technology

CES 2008, Gadgets

I’m on board as far as the noise cancelling technology goes – with the system rapidly commandeering most traditional forms of earphones and headphones, it must only be a matter of time before stereo Bluetooth headsets get the same treatment. We should applaud MOTOR TREND for getting in there first.

Unfortunately the vessel in which it is conveying this technology, the BT 10 MAX 4x is nothing short of hideous – in a technological age where it is possible, nay expected, that whatever gadgets you’re wearing don’t look like a wayward extra from a 1950s Sci Fi flick this isn’t exactly something you’d want to wear in public.

The only advantage of its clunky design is that it is adaptable to suit over-the-head and monaural wearing. Availability is expected to begin this month at a suggested price of $129.

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