CES 2008: Samsung YA-BS900 Hyper 3-Channel Bluetooth speaker system


What with the YP-P2 Bluetooth MP3 player apparently kicking up a storm in the non-iPod realms of MP3 players, Samsung is following up its success with a range of compatible speaker systems. The YA-BS900 is the flagship model, sporting a 30watt, 3-channel system. The ‘Hyper’ 3-Channel Surround Sound system with Euphony Technology lets the listener hear the centre of the sound regardless of what position they are in or where they are in the room.

The A2DP, AVRCP Bluetooth part further reduces the need for cables although I’m sceptical about how much justice a virtual surround sound system will do to the limited quality of stereo Bluetooth sound. The noisy show floor wasn’t really the best means for assessing the acoustic quality but at least from an aesthetic angle the device definitely looks the business.

Potentially the coolest part is that it is designed to automatically switch on when a user carrying a paired Bluetooth device walks by. Could be great, or it could be absolutely terrifying when you drunkenly stumble home in the dark, only to have the speakers switch on and deafen you with that Pussy Cat Dolls album you didn’t want anyone to know you bought.

For those times when you’re not hooking it up to a Bluetooth device, the BS900 also has a standard 3.5mm line-in and a USB port for playing MP3 files direct from a thumbdrive.

The BS900 has made a good start in life, scoring itself a CES Best of Innovations Award. Should be landing in the UK in April for around £200.


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