CES 2008: Lachiya's touchable piggy iPod dock wins our hearts

CES 2008, iPod


There are too many iPod docks and not enough hours in the day at CES to cover them all, so we’d rather focus on the cool ones. Especially if they’re shaped like pigs and come in bright colours. Tech manufacturers, there’s a lesson there for next time.

I don’t actually know what this product is called, as Lachiya Digital Tech’s brochure doesn’t make it very clear. But it’s an iPod dock that can also hook up to other MP3 players, PSPs, mobile phones, CD players or computers.

It comes in white, yellow and pink versions, and is presumably looking for Western distribution. Quick, someone, pick it up! And keep the marketing blurb that says “Pretty pig. Fair-sounding pig. Lovely pig. Certainly, it need your tender petting.” I’m sold.

Lachiya website

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