CES 2008: Huge thanks to the following companies…

CES 2008

CES-sign-logo.jpgThere are a couple of companies out there in this plugged-in world which Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny would just like to raise their foot-long margaritas to, who’ve helped with kitting us out to the max, ensuring our laptops are as light as the free beer served at CES parties, and we won’t turn an embarrassing shade of red when a Gizmodo boy walks past and spies us using a digital camera held together by duct tape. It was an emergency internal operation gone wrong after a seaside accident, I swear!

A huge thanks goes out to these companies from myself, Stuart, Al, Susi, Alex and Gemma…

JVC – a big part of CES for us is shooting a heck of a lot of vids out on the floor, often resulting in less than satisfactory background noise-fests. JVC’s Everio GZ-HD3EK HD camcorder and mic means you’ll hear every word just as we spoke them. Admittedly they’re highly exhausted words, but hopped up on caffeine and Boots’ energy tablets.

HP – for loaning us their magnificent HP TX1000 notebook, highly suitable for a long Bill Gates livebloggin’ sesh. The touch-sensitive tablet function is great for Mah Jong enthusiasts, too.

Canon – what would we do without their awesome EOS 400D? Perhaps a bit dated now with the recent launch of the 40D, but it doesn’t mean it produces any lesser results when taking hi-res snaps of the latest gadgetry on offer. And, err, pics of pretty cockatails.

Casio – much smarter than a duct-tape encompassed camera of yesteryear is the Exilim EX-Z1080 which, due to its pocket-sized nature, is handy for those random shots, and potential ‘sleb sightings.

ASUS – Stuart barely shuts up about how wondrous the Eee PC notebook is, to the extent where Susi thought she’d follow suit and take along one of the teensy lappies as well. I think she’s still in shock it fits in her handbag, meaning no more carting around the massive CES backpacks. You’ll be pleased to know it fits in Stu’s manbag just fine, too.

Medion – Alex could hardly cart her massive MacBook around the convention centre, so is thrilled to bits Medion could help her out with her less obese model.

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