Jobs admits 'hormone imbalance', says he's getting better


Steve Jobs’ health has long been a topic of discussion among both tech sites, and people who own stock in Apple. It’s no secret that Jobs, to all intents and purposes, IS Apple, and investors know this, such that every time there’s a rumour about his health, Apple’s stock takes a nosedive.

Well, Jobs has come out and set the record straight, blaming a “hormone imbalance” for his weight loss. In an open letter on the Apple website, Steve has laid out the reasons why he’s been looking a little peaky. He’s undergoing treatment for his ‘mystery illness’, and says he reckons he’ll be back to normal by late Spring. The full text of the letter is over the jump.

Dan would like his girlfriend to know that Zavvi is knocking out Xbox 360s for £99


That’s a saving of £30 over the newer, cheaper RRP of £129 that only took effect in September, a saving which Dan’s girlfriend could then put toward buying Dan a copy of GTA IV to go with it. Dan’s girlfriend would then be left in peace to watch EastEnders while Dan spends hours creating a Dan-like Avatar on Christmas Day.

The Zavvi Xbox 360 madness sale has also seen the price of the regular machine with its 60GB hard drive slashed from £169 to £149, with the price of the Elite CRASHING by…

ATTENTION NINTENDO: Half of all people in the UK are planning on buying a Wii this Christmas


Whoever’s in charge of Nintendo’s manufacturing facilities needs to get themselves a big stick and start poking – Nintendo’s Wii looks almost certain to be a sell-out across the UK again this Christmas.

A survey by the bean-management specialists at Moneysupermarket Shipping has found that more than half of people who’ve already decided what they’re buying this year are going to go through the LIVING HELL of trying to track down an in-stock Wii….

Nintendo losing $1.3bn of potential sales thanks to Wii shortages

wi-shortages-worldwide.jpgThat’s enough money to fund all of our fantasy lifestyles, and is the amount a New York Times report says Nintendo is losing out on this year thanks to Wii stock shortages.

James Lin, senior analyst at the MDB Capital Group says Nintendo “could easily sell double what they’re selling” – and it’s playing into the hands of the enemy. Sir Howard Stringer, boss of everything at Sony, said “I’m happy that the Wii seems to be running out…