Nintendo losing $1.3bn of potential sales thanks to Wii shortages


wi-shortages-worldwide.jpgThat’s enough money to fund all of our fantasy lifestyles, and is the amount a New York Times report says Nintendo is losing out on this year thanks to global Wii stock shortages.

James Lin, senior analyst at the MDB Capital Group says Nintendo “could easily sell double what they’re selling” – and it’s playing into the hands of the enemy. Sir Howard Stringer, boss of everything at Sony, said “I’m happy that the Wii seems to be running out of hardware,” thanks to the way it might actually encourage a few people to consider getting a PS3 instead.

Despite this, Nintendo still managed to shift a staggering 981,000 Wiis in America last month, so we can only imagine how much money Nintendo would be rolling in right now had they actually managed to get any Wii console into the UK this Christmas.

As it is, the only people making money out of Wii in the UK this year are retailers whacking them out for £100 more than the RRP, and pikeys flogging their Wiis on eBay.


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