ATTENTION NINTENDO: Half of all people in the UK are planning on buying a Wii this Christmas


wii-sell-out-uk-christmas-2008.jpgWhoever’s in charge of Nintendo’s manufacturing facilities needs to get a big stick and start poking – Nintendo’s Wii looks almost certain to be a sell-out across the UK again this Christmas.

A survey by the bean-management specialists at Moneysupermarket Shopping has found that more than half of people who’ve already decided what they’re buying this year are going to go through the LIVING HELL of trying to track down an in-stock Wii.

As usual, retailers will be profiting from the inevitable shortage by ripping off desperate shoppers by insisting they buy ludicrous bundles featuring a Wii and eight other games they haven’t been able to sell all year for £370. It’s an outrage. It’s going to be an outrage. We’re already outraged and it’s only October.

If you want a Wii get one now. Or get ripped off in December like last year and the year before. Your choice.

(Via Moneysupermarket Shopping)

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Gary Cutlack
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