Pioneer's two limited edition 50" KURO plasmas – yours in "Pure White" and "Beige Grisé"

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pioneer-kuro-beige-grise-KRP-500ABG.jpgPure White and Beige Grisé are the exciting names of two new colours Pioneer has invented to jazz up its KURO range of HD Ready plasmas a little. Pioneer’s home business product manager Jim Catcheside offered us the following explanation about why white and beige TVs are best…

“With these Limited Edition KURO TVs we want to offer our customers the opportunity to customise their viewing environment even further by harmonising their TV with their interior design. The minimalist White and luxurious Beige Grisé KUROs are an excellent means to express one’s individual taste and style.”

The KRP-500AW and KRP-500ABG both use Pioneer’s media receiver technology to “outsource” cables and connectors to a separate unit, which then connects to the KURO through a single cable – making the display a mere 64mm thick.

They’re both capable of displaying 1080p pictures, feature room light sensors to let them adapt screen colours and brightness options to their environment and include digital and analogue tuners – with four HDMI inputs. Plus they both look very nice. We would happily sign for delivery of one in either colour, were someone from Pioneer to email in offering us a loan of one for review purposes.

Pioneer is only releasing 1000 of these fancy KUROs in beige and 1500 in white across Europe. They’ll start arriving in November.

(Via Pioneer)

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