Eee PC's global success story – next stop: Japan


eee-pc-japan-launch.jpgIt’s small, it’s portable, you can hack the hell out of it and even replace its cool Linux build with Vista – and soon the Japanese will have to chance to get their hands on Asus’ superstar portable blogging station.

Launching in Japan in February of 2008, working at the poor old Asus manufacturing facility is about to get one hell of a lot harder. Eee PC is still sold out across the UK and US, and those eBay prices are still hovering around the £250-300 mark – quite a profit for anyone who bought 20 of the £219 machines to sell on (NOTE TO SELF: Always buy 20 of anything that comes out to sell on).

Stu’s been loving his one, thanks to being lucky enough to get one of the hot-cake-like mega-portables when they launched last month – the Japanese will surely go similarly bananas for Eee PC when it arrives there next year.


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Gary Cutlack
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