Today on Tech Digest: Archos PMPs; Sony Ericsson's new launches; BBC, ITV & Channel 4

Today on Tech Digest

Archos unveils three Generation 5 PMPs which play YouTube videos
Sony Ericsson reveals its iPhone-busting W960 Walkman phone
BBC, ITV and Channel 4 take on Joost and iTunes with ‘Project Kangaroo’

How private are your conversations on MySpace and Facebook?
Sony Ericsson Z250 clamshell handset with ‘hidden’ display
Sony Ericsson unveils a host of new music mobile add-ons and accessories
Sony Ericsson announces three new styles of MBW-150 range Bluetooth watch
Why bloggers and journalists are always banging on about the iPhone
Sony Ericsson Z320 – clamshell with retro styling
Scandyna’s futuristic Micropod SE Active and The Drop speakers
Safari for Windows Public Beta – one million downloads in first 48 hours
Pentax launches limited edition gold-themed K10D camera package
Try the new Sony Ericsson handsets – months before release
Palm offers Treo 680 smartphone in crimson red
European iPhone launch at risk from arrogance – but whose? Apple’s or the mobile operators
Student’s ‘Intimate Controllers’ thesis involves playing Pong with your boobs
Shiny Video Review: O2 Cocoon mobile phone
Win a disposable, cordless mobile charger from Mobcharger – perfect for Glastonbury Festival!

Fancy a virtual USB boyfriend or girlfriend?

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