Sony Ericsson unveils a host of new music mobile add-ons and accessories

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Along with all the handsets, Sony Ericsson has unveiled a number of add-ons and accessories – just in case that huge amount of cash you’ve just shelled out for your phone/contract hasn’t cleared you out completely. These include three new music headsets, an FM music transmitter and a music desk stand.

The HBH-DS200 stereo Bluetooth headset pairs with your phone for music in stereo, as well as being able to accept or reject calls and control your phone’s music player. The HPM-90 stereo headset again lets you listen to your tunes, as well as allowing you to see incoming calls as well as track information. The HPM-83 headset is for the gym members out there, wrapping behind your neck so it won’t get in the way – and means you can wear a hat too if you’re out in the cold doing some jogging.

The MMR-70 FM music transmitter is what you expect, a tool for transmitting tracks from your phone to your FM radio, operating at a range of up to 10m and remembering the last frequency you used. Finally, the MDS-65 music desk stand can be used as a battery-powered standalone player or plug it in and listen through the speakers on your desk – all the time charging your phone too.

All should be available in the third quarter of this year, prices announced nearer that time.

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