Sony Ericsson Z250 clamshell handset with 'hidden' display

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We ran the main highlights of Sony Ericsson’s big phone launch yesterday, but that still left a sizeable amount of kit, including this new addition to its entry-level range, the Sony Ericsson Z250 clamshell handset.

It’s a fashion phone, pure and simple. Pocket-sized, available in black or white and just 19mm thin, it features ‘hidden’ icons that only become visible when a call comes in. And as it doesn’t have to impress the early adopters, it’s not packed with the latest features. Instead, a VGA camera, sound recorder, speakerphone and all the other mobile basics are what you get.

But you get seven hours of talk time – and if that’s about the sum of what you do, this is a stylish item to do it one.

Shipping in the third quarter of 2007, pricing to be confirmed.

Sony Ericsson

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