The USB Desk Tidy Kit: cup-warmer, fan, vacuum cleaner…


usbdesktidy.jpgDream Cheeky has slipped us details of another upcoming USB gadget, following my earlier post on their Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend. This time, it’s another level of ambitious USB gadgetry: the Desk Tidy Kit.

It’s actually a collection of USB gadgets, based around a central four-port USB hub. It comes with an array of detachable units, including a USB Light, a USB Vacuum, a USB Fan and a USB Cup Warmer. The Vacuum sounds the most useful – it comes with a dedicated brush for sucking crusty bogies dust out of your keyboard.

There’s also a version for women that swaps a Lighted Mirror for the Cup Warmer. Presumably because cold tea isn’t a problem as long as your lipstick’s applied right. Anyway, expect to see the USB Desk Tidy being sold on European gadget sites next month.

Dream Cheeky website

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