Fancy a virtual USB boyfriend or girlfriend?


virtualgirlfriend.jpgA lover that plugs into your computer’s USB port? Unless it’s a new way of powering the Rampant Rabbit, I can’t see the idea catching on. But Hong Kong-based gadget firm Dream Cheeky are keen to prove me wrong, with their latest USB gizmos, the Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend.

You plug ’em into a spare USB port, and then whenever you touch the device or wave at it, it sends a message to you on your PC screen. They come with a bunch of preset sayings in two categories – Naughty/Cheeky and Nice – but you can also program in your own.

Also, the head of the figure appears to be a photo frame, letting you put whoever’s face you want to in. Expect to see both on sale next month from gadget websites here in Europe, and in high-street retailers by the end of August.

Dream Cheeky website

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