USB Chameleon – colour-changing computer fun


Yet another silly USB product to waster your money on – this time the USB Chameleon, which you’ll not be surprised to learn, changes colour.

It does a bit more too – plug in your new plastic friend, attach to the top of your monitor and watch as he randomly rolls his eyeballs, sticks his tongue out and changes shade. Obviously a real chameleon would match his environment, but as monitors tend to be grey, a bit of artistic licence is needed.

If you want to be the talk of the office, it’s yours for £14.95.

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Dave Walker
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  • watch out for the new version of the usb chameleon, next to arrive is the USB Owl which will be sold in Europe by

  • Bummer – it doesn’t change colour (colours may vary!!!) it is multi-coloured.. Not nearly as good as it sounds here – shame!

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