Try the new Sony Ericsson handsets – months before release

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Hopefully you will have caught up with Sony Ericsson’s new handsets, which we’ve featured over the latter part of yesterday and into today. And if it’s got you thinking about a possible upgrade later this year, you could get your hands on one next week – as long as you’re in London.

Sony Ericsson will have the new phones at its store in London for you to play with – the first time it’s offered new handsets to potential customers ahead of release. Which means you could be snapping away with the five megapixel K850i before even us hacks get a chance to play with it.

The phones are available for testing next Friday and Saturday (the 22nd and 23rd June) at the flagship Sony Ericsson Store on Kensington High Street, London.

Sony Ericsson website

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