NES controller varsity jacket will get you punched in the playground


Would you wear this? Even if it was 1987 and the console was at the height of its powers? No, nor me. You’d get a smack in the face just walking down to the corner shop. But it’d be awesome to wear to a fancy dress party. Wait… how much? $200 (£135)!? You can sod right off, even if it does have a thermal-insulated lining.

80s Tees (via Technabob)

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Remove all traces of joy from Christmas with the Radiohead NES remake collection

Some extremely talented but sadly misguided musician has taken it upon himself to recreate a load of classic Radiohead songs using only the NES sound chip. The resulting generational soundclash is an appealing MIDI-like collection of easy-listening tunes.

Here’s one example – a stirring interpretation of ‘No Surprises’ from that album everyone liked a few years ago.

If you like that, you might also like Paranoid Android, a quite superb version of Creep and…

VIDEO: Lock and unlock your door with a Nintendo controller

Got an Arduino, a spare CD-ROM drive and an old NES lying around? How do you feel about making yourself a nifty security system out of it?

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, and Instructables has the ‘how-to’ guide. You’ll also need a webcam, small speaker, and a bunch of random wiring. Soon, you’ll be foiling would-be intruders with your geek skillz.

Nintendo Keyless Entry System (via CrunchGear)

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Void in life filled by Mario toys

It’s OK. This makes everything OK. No matter how much you have spent on Sonic The Hedgehog plushes and Transformers action figures over the last 10 years, there is always someone out there who is in significantly deeper. Whoever owns this is in over their head. There is no way back to normal society from here.

This little lot is what you would generously describe as “quite a few” Nintendo toys. There would appear to be some duplicates in the collection, but that just adds to the sense of deep, tragic waste of money and a life.


I mustn’t laugh too much. If you changed…

Nintoaster. Has there ever been anything cooler?


An important rule that I learnt early on in life is “never toast electronics”. After putting a spare PCI soundcard in a toaster once to “see what would happen”, I wish I hadn’t. Flames and burning plastic, and a ruined toaster were the result. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was still a glorious act of destruction. This is something special, though…

FC Mobile: the only portable NES console


That’s it, I’m going up into the attic and I’m ripping open all the cardboard boxes until I’ve found my old NES game collection and this is an official reason for you to do the same.

Why bother with a poncy DS when you can be the envy of your daily commute with the first ever, genuinely portable NES games player, the FC Mobile…