Fake heart rate monitor wristwatch taunts your time-telling skills

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Just when you’d got the hang of telling the time on a variety of Tokyo Flash watches, along comes the EIN Cyber Heartbeat LED watch which enables you to make a fool of yourself in front of complete strangers who ask you the time as you try to decipher the heart monitor-like display.

If you want the lovely display to be constantly visible then the watch probably needs to be charged via a USB port for an hour or two each day. Alternatively, you can just press a button to confuse yourself find out the time.

It’s quirky and looks good, but I’d always want a second “proper” watch or my mobile phone, otherwise I know it’s going to take me five minutes to discover that I’ve missed my train every morning.

It’s coming “soon”, but only to Japan at present.

Product page (via Technabob)

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Andy Merrett
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