Bizarre dual-lens clamshell 'CLAM' camera concept, for the vein photographer

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clam_camera-concept-twin-lens.jpgThe dual-lens and hinged design of this ‘CLAM’ camera’s body lets the second lens take a photo of the face of the photographer, should he or she be feeling a bit left out of all the fun and want a happy memento of the time they took that lovely photo.

When folded open flat, the CLAM uses its double-lens to take two shots of the same view, sticking them together to create a nice wide image. There’s an LCD screen on the outside and a second one on the inside, for when using it in fold-out mode. It’s a bit complicated.

But it’s all a bit irrelevant anyway, as the CLAM’s only a design concept whacked together by Gowoon Jeong on his computer at the moment, rather than a product you can buy.

(Via Yanko)

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