JVC's 2009 Everio camcorder range


JVC’s just sent us a bunch of details about their 2009 lineup of camcorders, and because we’re nice, I fancied sharing them with you. There’s the HD range, the G-series and the S-series. The HD range, as you might imagine from the name, are high-definition, the S-series model has dual SD card slots, and the G series is a mixed bag.

Let’s start with the S-series, because the word “start” begins with S. There’s only one new model here, the GZ-MS120. As previously mentioned, it’s got dual SD card slots and you can record continuously, so that if you run out of space on one it’ll automatically swap to the other. In highest quality mode, you’ll get 3.7 hours of recording from a pair of 8GB SD cards. In lowest quality, you’ll get about 20 hours.

SHINY VIDEO: Quad vs Dual – how many cores do you really need?

Just before Christmas, Dan and I took delivery of a dual core and a quad core machine, and we thought we’d see if it’s actually worth putting four cores into your computer, rather than two. We ran four processor-intensive concurrent tasks – a virusscan, a DVD encode, a 3D game, and then we measured how long it took to unzip a zip file.

The results? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out. I’ll just say that I was surprised by the outcome. Let us know your experiences of Quad core vs Dual core chips in the comments below.

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