3 launches D100 wireless router for dongles


Mobile operator underdogs 3 have just launched an addition to their family of wireless dongles – a wireless router. It’s quite a smart idea – it allows you to plug a 3 wireless dongle in, and it’ll act like an access point, when there isn’t one normally available. Given usual 3G speeds, however, how fast this would actually run when split between “up to 32” people is open to debate…

O2 offers joint mobile and home broadband package


O2 has claimed it’s the first broadband provider to offer both home and mobile broadband in the same package, and has also introduced the “O2 Home Broadband Takeaway”.

Anyone purchasing O2 Mobile Broadband for twenty quid a month will also get the standard Home Broadband package free for one year. This means “unlimited” downloads when at home and 3GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi when mobile. Alternatively, users can get a £7.50 per month discount on faster home packages for one year…

UK mobile broadband speed averages 1.46Mbps, but ads claim more


Sounding rather like the saga surrounding home broadband speeds, a recent survey suggests that mobile broadband users aren’t always getting the maximum speeds advertised.

Broadband Expert’s research, based on testing around 1,200 connections, found the average speed of UK mobile broadband is 1.46Mbps. This is around half the speed of the average home broadband speed of 2.95Mbps…

Wi-Fi hotspots are "telephone boxes of the broadband era" claims Ericsson exec


Mobile broadband offerings are growing at such a rapid pace, and becoming affordable enough to make Wi-Fi hotspots irrelevant, according to Ericsson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Johan Bergendahl.

“Hotspots at places like Starbucks are becoming the telephone boxes of the broadband era,” he claimed at a recent conference in Stockholm.

Quite a different viewpoint from the likes of Apple, then, whose latest offerings — the iPhone and MacBook Air — rely heavily on the availability of Wi-Fi to perform at their best…

MWC 2008: Mobile operators collaborate to prevent access to child sexual abuse websites

gsm_logo.pngThough mobile operators are usually in direct competition with one another, it’s encouraging that, where the subject really matters, they can cooperate to help combat a problem.

The GSM Association, the global trade association for mobile operators, has announced the launch of the Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content, which aims to block those who wish to access or profit from websites depicting child sexual abuse.

Their concern is that, with the continued rollout of high-speed mobile networks (mobile broadband), those determined to access such material will move from more conventional technology to the mobile space.

PC World/3 Mobile broadband offer now includes MacBook Air

macbook_air_back.jpgGood news for anyone contemplating buying a MacBook Air, who is also looking for a decent mobile broadband package. PC World and 3 have announced that they’re extending their discounted PC offer to now include the slinky new MacBook Air.

Anyone signing up for the £35 per month mobile broadband service can now opt to get £250 off the new MacBook Air. That’s £100 less of a discount than other deals, but it’s still a saving worth having if you want the machine and were planning to make the most of the service as well.

As Stuart mentioned in the first announcement, it will otherwise end up costing you a lot more. Still, it’s not a bad way of getting hold of one of the most hotly talked about notebooks at a reduced price.