New Dell netbook to sell with Vodafone mobile broadband

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dell-and-vodafone.jpgWell, well, well, aren’t Vodafone the lucky ones, or the relatively out of pocket ones at the moment. The server provider has struck a deal with Dell to supply built-in mobile broadband with every Inspiron Mini 9 netbook, which were themselves officially launched yesterday.

The agreement covers all European sales of the long awaited little PC from both Dell online and Vodafone in-store and over the web as well. The Dell pencil is happy.

Vodafone aren’t the only ones to get in on the hard-wired mobile broadband bandwagon with both O2 and T-mobile in on the act, but the capture of trade through the Dell Mini is a serious coup in terms of exposure.

I should imagine they’ll be high hopes of a few unfortunates checking their e-mail on holiday, so long as the EU don’t put a stop to it. Still, I’m sure Vodafone will do rather nicely out of this one and at the least add to the list of annoying software fighting for control of one’s Dell.

“Your free 30-day trial of anger protection has expired. Register now to stop increase in anger levels. Would you like to register now, get angrier next time this message pops up or uninstall this software and risk destabilising your new computer?”

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