Dell & Tesco bringing Linux to the masses – launching £299 Inspiron Z530 "Web Browser" in October

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dell-inspiron-z530-linux-laptop-tesco.jpgTesco selling Dell laptops – a match made in retailer heaven. Only, the thing is, and we’d hate to be the ones breaking this to the poor, confused buyer, the Z530 will be running Linux.

The Z530 is described by Tesco as a “Web Browser” rather than a Laptop, PC, portable computer or any of the more usual terms, so presumably Dell and Tesco are aiming it at the Eee PC end of the market, where people don’t give a toss about the OS and just want something cheap to leave on the sofa for checking instant messages during the boring bits of TV.

Ubuntu is the terrifyingly alien OS users will discover should they ever minimise Firefox, with the same netbook specs we’ve come to expect elsewhere – 1GB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive and a 1.33GHz Z530 Intel Atom pulling the levers behind the scenes. Tesco says it’s going on sale in early October for £299 – a bloody good price for a lightweight 12″ laptop.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Gary Cutlack: I think that you “hit the nail on the head.”

    Tesco needs to post BIG signs that explain the product is just a WEB BROWSER. Not to tick off the Linux fans and experts, I know Linux is capable of more than just web browsing; but who going to support it?

    If Dell and others are serious about Linux, they need to include 5 hour support with the system. Some buyers will probably use 4 hours of it “hearing this is not XP or Vista”. Maybe a simple phone recording would suffice. 🙂

  • “Terrifyingly alien OS”? Terrifying to who? I’ll tell you what’s terrifying – that criminally irresponsible poor excuse of an OS from Microsoft. I like my equipment, software, privacy, and uptime. Give me Linux anyday.

    • Terrifying to my dad, who will get it home and wonder why the desktop looks different, think he’s broken it, then spend three hours on the phone to me asking why his printer won’t work with it.

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