O2 offers joint mobile and home broadband package


o2-logo-3g-iphone.jpgO2 has claimed it’s the first broadband provider to offer both home and mobile broadband in the same package, and has also introduced the “O2 Home Broadband Takeaway”.

Anyone purchasing O2 Mobile Broadband for twenty quid a month will also get the standard Home Broadband package free for one year. This means “unlimited” downloads when at home and 3GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi when mobile. Alternatively, users can get a £7.50 per month discount on faster home packages for one year.

Another new product is the O2 Home Broadband Takeaway, which costs £30 and is available from any O2 store. It includes a wireless router and other hardware, allowing users to set up home broadband themselves. It’s a completely separate service to the new home/mobile broadband deal.

Sounds like a good deal if you’re happy to be tethered to O2 for a year or so.

O2 Broadband

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Andy Merrett
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