New York goes photorealistic in Google Earth


Now isn’t that pretty? It’s how New York looks in Google Earth. Every building on Manhattan Island has now been meticulously mapped out and covered with photographic textures. It joins LA, San Francisco, and Berlin. When’s London due, eh?

Want to fly around the Big Apple yourself? Simply download Google Earth, fly to New York City, and turn on the 3D buildings layer. Then give it a minute to download the data, and Bob’s your uncle. You’ll need to buy him a Christmas present. Click over the jump for a ‘before’ picture of how the city looked in January last year.

Google Earth maps Ancient Rome, hope to catch up to modern Rome within the next 2000 years


Google Earth has become even cooler. Now, in addition to viewing the Earth in 3 dimensions, you can now navigate through – Rome at least – in the 4th dimension: time.

Researchers at the Universities of California and Virginia have painstakingly mapped out ancient Rome in 3D, when Rome was at its most developed – though it looks as though they’ve left out all of the signage, barriers, fences and builders that were there when Transport for Rome decided to close down half the aqueduct network every single weekend for “upgrades”.

Midnight Madness – get your nob face into a Chemical Brothers video


I love all this music 2.0 business and it seems I’m not alone. Usually it’s Radiohead doing something innovative to keep both them and their music streets ahead of anyone else but today the Chemical Brothers are having a stab at it, probably motivated as much by laziness as creativity, and why not?

To herald the release of their single “Midnight Madness” and the LP in September, “Brotherhood”, the band, who go by the real names of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, are inviting us all to upload photos and videos of our own, geotagged on a Google map of theirs…

Facebook "dipping" craze afflicting the wealthy – pool owners should be "extra vigilant"


Dipping is, apparently, the HOT NEW TREND among spoilt rich kids who live in the sort of areas where the neighbours all have swimming pools.

The Telegraph reports that youths – no doubt off their heads on alcopops and Skittles – have taken to tracking down nearby swimming pools on Google Earth, then organising midnight swim-meets in them with friends through crime-enabler Facebook…

Richard Branson hopes Google Earth will help find Steve Fossett

fossett-branson.jpgThe search is continuing for pilot Steve Fossett, who’s gone missing over the Nevada desert. Former flying companion Richard Branson is turning to Google Earth in the hope that it might help find Fossett.

“I’m talking with friends at Google about seeing whether we can look at satellite images over the last four days to see whether they can see which direction he might have been flying and whether they can see any disturbances anywhere that they can pin from space,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in an interview.