'Explore Europe' in 3D, courtesy of Google & Eurostar – or just get off your arse and go there

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eurostar-logo.jpgEurostar and Google Earth have teamed up today to unveil a brand new, interactive experience at the recently revamped and damn sexy St Pancras International Station in old London town.

Explore Europe brings two large displays, packed with LCDs and plasmas of the touchscreen variety, where travelers or would-be but skint ones can get both a bird’s eye and through-city view of a host of European destinations.

You can have a total 3D cruise through London, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Bourg St Maurice, Paris and Disneyland Paris, if you really must, and, of course, it’s all free. Well, they’d look really stingy if it wasn’t.

The idea behind all this is for you to be able to explore your destination before you’ve even left, but it does rather beg the question: then what do you do when you get there?


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Daniel Sung
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