Wii Skii: Nintendo to release 'Family Ski' – proper use for the balance board


nintendo-Wii-ski-game.jpgYou didn’t think the balance board was all about Wii Fit, did you? No, no, no, it’s all about living room domination.

First they get you to buy the board with some rubbish “try to keep the red dot in the yellow square” games and then they bring out the big guns for you to justify that odd looking, greying pad that’s gathering cat hair underneath your TV. That’s another £69.99 please. Oh, thank you very much.

Family Ski is set to utilise the Wiimote and the nunchuk as well the balance board and it sounds like an absolutely splendid way to give you that genuine piste experience, complete with the broken leg when you tie yourself up in knots.

Of course it’s also a genius way to ensure you buy all three controller devices and, hey, you’ve got friends. Guess you’d better buy some more sets for party play mode as well.

Now, I’m a huge Nintendo fan but I’m starting to wonder if they’ve given up on their serious games; Goldeneye, the Ocarina of Time, life-changing gaming experiences, that’s what I’m talking about.

I also love the SSX series. I’m not expecting Family Ski to offer me uber tricks as I flop about on the floor trying to simulate a flying squirrel but I’m hoping for something with a little arcade kick to it.

I’m kidding myself, aren’t I? It’s called Family Ski for Pete’s sake. Family Ski! It’ll probably stand you in much better stead than a Playstation game for when you actually make it to the Alps but how about they start making some games again?

The worst thing is, when I play it on 13th June, I’ll probably really enjoy it. You know, until I reach the 20-minute novelty threshold.

(via Eurogamer)

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  • Hah! I can swear someone sneaked into our house last night and took a picture of my husband while he and the boys were having fun.

  • Hah! I’ve played that. And the one you are supposed to balance over a rope too. I think they are fun.

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