Google Earth adds a closer look at the ecological problems facing the planet


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Ever the philanthropist, Google has launched a new programme to help save the planet. Google Earth Outreach adds a new feature to Google Earth to produce interactive satellite pictures of the planet’s surface.

These pictures can then be annotated by wildlife charities, eco-groups or even local tribes using the familiar Google Maps “layers” to highlight areas of habitat destruction or any threats to endangered species.

The idea is to raise awareness of these problems by exposing the ecological dangers to millions of internet viewers using audio and video media in the layers as well as text and close-up shots.

The software is open for use by charities and non-governmental organisations and allows real-time monitoring of global hot-spots to take account of any changes over time.

I could be all cynical and wonder what kind of difference it’s really going to make just because these problems have been put on a website, but who really knows and if even one person takes note, then it’s worth it. Good on you Google. Glad to see you making the effort.

Daily Telegraph (via Hippyshopper)

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