Google Earth has 'secret' flight simulator. Can you fly it?

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The trouble with stories like this is that I spend too much time playing with the application and not enough time writing it up.

Google Earth has a “secret” flight simulator – or perhaps “fairly well hidden” is a better description given that there are several pages of official help for it once you’ve found it.

By pressing Ctrl+Alt+A (or Option+Alt+A on the Mac), Google Earth gives you the option of flying one of two aeroplanes – an F16 or an SR22 – over the terrain of your choice.

I found it hard to even get the darn plane to take off in the first place, and Google hasn’t mapped any of my local area in 3D, so it’s not hugely exciting, but there’s potential, particularly if you take off from one of the major airports supported, including London Heathrow.

More time-wasting fun to be had – thanks Google!

(Via PC Pro)

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