Midnight Madness – get your nob face into a Chemical Brothers video

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chemical-brothers.jpgI love all this music 2.0 business and it seems I’m not alone. Usually it’s Radiohead doing something innovative to keep both them and their music streets ahead of anyone else but today the Chemical Brothers are having a stab at it, probably motivated as much by laziness as creativity, and why not?

To herald the release of their single “Midnight Madness” and the LP in September, “Brotherhood”, the band, who go by the real names of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, are inviting us all to upload photos and videos of our own, geotagged on a Google map of theirs.

Like the track, the theme of the footage is Midnight Madness and should be 2-20 seconds of whatever goes on wherever you are as the clock strikes 12. I shall be adding footage of me washing my face while the couple upstairs have an argument.

The deadline for entries is 25th August, 13.00 GMT, and the chosen clips will be compiled into some kind of public visual treat in the form of a concept music video. Nice and vague then. Still, it all sounds like a bit of fun and chances are they’ll take more or less everything they can get, so why not have a little fun? Send a few coded messages or just your genitals up close if you’re stuck for ideas.

Chemical Brothers (via Wired)

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