The world's latest pretend girlfriend – Alison Carroll, AKA the new Lara Croft


alison-carroll-tomb-raider-model.jpgEvery year, regular as clockwork. Three months before any major new Tomb Raider video game release comes the appointment of a new flesh-based spokesmodel. Here she is.

That’s Alison Carroll, the all-new meat-based Lara Croft. Be nice to her, she’s going to get quite a lot of stick off the internet before the end of the year, when Tomb Raider: Underworld comes out and she’s binned off to the ex-models home with all the rest.

Alison – who’s currently single! Wahey! Get in there! And so on – was plucked from the obscurity of life as a receptionist in Croydon, with the lucky lady following in the footsteps of Nell McAndrew, Rhona Mitra and several other Lara models we literally cannot remember the names of.

Our verdict? Nice. Attainable. Realistic. Not quite as aloof and model-like in appearance as previous pretend Laras. You can easily put yourself in plenty of imaginary situations with her. Which is the point.

(Via The Sun)

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One thought on “The world's latest pretend girlfriend – Alison Carroll, AKA the new Lara Croft

  • I am so sorry, but as a model, she is rather ordinary. Not exotic in the least, as I think Lara Croft should be. Angelina Jolie, though she has way better things to do, has given us all a taste of Lara Croft exactly as I would have pictured her before the movies even came out. She is the perfect image of the video game heroine, and in my opinion, should never have been attempted to be replaced. So Miss Allison, though I think you are very pretty, you have nothing on bad ass mother of six, and world dignitarian, Angelina Jolie. And I will tell you what, if I wasn’t a heterosexual, she would be on my dream list, and I know I am not the only one who believes that.

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