Shiny Interview: Tech Digest meets Alison Carroll aka Lara Croft 2008/9

It's not every day you get to meet Lara Croft even if there have been more model/actresses playing the athletic archaeologist than the number of levels of Tomb Radier I've had the patience to complete.

So when I was offered the chance, it didn't take much persuading to have a chat with next Lara in line, Alison Carroll, on the promotional tour for the latest adventure from Eidos and Crystal Dynamics – Tomb Radier: Underworld…

The world's latest pretend girlfriend – Alison Carroll, AKA the new Lara Croft


Every time, regular as clockwork. Three months before any major new Tomb Raider video game release comes the celebratory appointment of a new flesh-based spokesmodel. And here she is.

That’s Alison Carroll, the meat-based Lara Croft. Be nice to her, she’s going to get quite a lot of stick off the internet before the end of the year, when Tomb Raider: Underworld comes out and she’s sent to the ex-models home with all the rest…