OPINION: Embrace the spam


So after yesterday’s rubbish McAfee scare-mongering attempt to get us all to sign up for one of its products, us lot here at Tech Digest thought it might be good to take a look at a sample of genuine spam.

You never know, one of those lottery emails just might be the real deal. And what if, one fortunate evening, you find yourself in the company of a willing lady and could actually really do with some herbal Viagra and a winky that’s five times its original size?

Spam could be a life saver. And if nothing else, it’s always very entertaining…

Don't go to (click on) Hong Kong – one-in-five .hk domain names are scams


Fear-spreader and paranoia-monger McAfee has raised panic levels of internet browsers to DEFCON 2 today, with its latest guidance on web sites that will do bad things to your computer when/if you visit them.

And it’s the Hong Kong domains – web sites ending in .hk – that are the biggest causers of trouble. Trouble like having pornography set as your home page, trouble like…

Seattle Spam King faces 26 year sentence

spam-emails.jpgSpam… annoying isn’t it? Not quite as annoying as spending 26 years in the slammer though I’ll bet. That’s what Seattle man Robert Soloway, 28, faces after pleading guilty to electronic mail fraud, ordinary mail fraud, and not filing a tax return three years ago. The latter part doesn’t seem so exciting but this was believed to be when Soloway made over $300,000 from his nefarious internet practices.