UK businesses at threat from "evolved" cyber criminal attacks

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cyber crime.jpgThe CA Internet Security Business Unit have released their latest State of Internet security report, revealing that rogue or fake security software, major search engines, social networks and Web 2.0 threats were the most notable online security issues in 2009.

As if the current wave of security threats on the web were not trouble enough, CA believe that cyber crime is about to evolve into even more devious forms. Mobile devices are now more likely than ever to be targeted, as is cloud stored data, while the current economic climate may push internal employees of businesses to exploit online data in their possession.

“Businesses are at threat from all angles – not only are they susceptible to both external and internal scams, data losses and theft , but they are also at risk every time their employees use search engines, email and social networking sites at work,” said Joseph Souren, Vice President EMEA for CA’s Internet Security Business Unit. “Businesses that fall victim to cybercrime not only face costs associated with repairing systems hit by attacks but also in lost productivity from disruptions.”

Cybercrime costs UK businesses £3.84 billion each year.

Gerald Lynch
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