Facebook warned again over lack of underage user protection – could face fraud charges too


facebook-fraud.jpgFacebook’s in yet more trouble, with New York brass demanding it changes its description and lessens its boasts of safety for youngsters – or face fraud charges.

Just last week New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo kicked off over Facebook’s lack of response when investigators, posing as 12 to 14-year-olds, were solicited for sex. He said it took three days for Facebook reps to even respond to their complaints.

Now Cuomo’s office is demanding the networking site changes its description and safety claims so parents are more aware of any possible risk their kids might face when using the site. A spokesman for Cuomo told Facebook to “Correct the language describing the site and stop marketing yourself as this pristine Web site … parents have a misimpression. You can’t mislead people.”

Via (USA Today)

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